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Patient Participation Group

Fulham Medical Centre Patient Participation Group

This group comprises of patients of the surgery who work together with the staff and doctors to help them meet and improve the needs of the patients and to share an understanding of issues and opportunities.
If you feel that this might be something that would interest you, we are happy to accept new members. Please contact the surgery to discuss this possibility.

Patient Participation Group Report - Fulham Medical Centre 2014/2015

Patient Participation Group Report - Fulham Medical Centre 2014/2015

Action Plan - Fulham Medical Centre 2014/2015

Patient Participation Group Report - Fulham Medical Centre 2013/2014

The Practice has had an exceptionally challenging year with all the changes in the NHS and a huge upgrade of our clinical system, which involved many hours of training for all members of staff.

The Practice Manager of 20 years retired in March 2013 and the Practice and Group welcomed the new Practice Manager into the role.

We would like to thank all those who have participated in our meetings this year and helped direct us through the changes.

We have unfortunately lost 1 member of the group who sadly passed away. The group now consists of 5 women and 2 men. Three of our group are working, one is Carer and one is over retirement age. One of the group works at Sir Oswald Stoll where a large group of our patients live and she canvasses opinions within this group and feeds back to the PPG.

Our general patient population dropped slightly in the beginning of this year but has been steadily increasing again. We have a steady flow of new registrations while others leave as they move areas so the numbers are stabilising. Currently 95% of our patients are under the age of 65, 3% 65 – 74 years and 2% are over the age of 75. We also look after 68 people who are caring for relatives and therefore need a flexible approach to their visits to the practice. 80% of our patients are Caucasian and the other 20% from other ethnic backgrounds.

Last year we changed the clinical system as part of a borough-wide upgrade with an aim to improve communication and care across services including GPs and hospitals. All our patients were very understanding during this difficult time and we employed locum doctors and nurses to try and help create as many appointments as possible to minimise the disruption. The PPG helped us plan and anticipate problems during this time and we were pleased it went as smoothly as it did.

This year the group reviewed the nationally available General Practice Assessment Questionnaire (GPAQ) and decided to use this for the annual patient survey.

The results were:

  1. All patients rated the doctors as Very good or good except one patient who rated the doctor as Satisfactory.
  2. 100% rated their doctors to be honest, trustworthy and had confidence that their information would be kept confidential.
  3. 95% found the receptionists to be helpful.
  4. 60% found it easy to get through by phone and / or speak to a doctor or nurse by phone. 35% found it difficult, 5% had not tried or did not answer.
  5. 16% currently book appointments in person and 67% over the phone. 35% would like to be able to book appointments online, 55% over phone and 13% in person.
  6. 100% rated the Practice Nurse as Very Good or Good in 5 out of 6 categories and 95% rated as Very Good or Good in the remaining category with 5% rating as Satisfactory.
  7. 98% would recommend the GP Practice to someone who has just moved to the local area.

We discussed a lot of this feedback with the PPG group and we decided to immediately role out on line prescribing and to try and get on line appointments available as soon as possible. We discussed what times of day and how many appointments to start with and we will review it after 2-3 months.

There are always worries within the PPG about the phone system, as at busy times it is sometimes difficult to get through to the practice. This has also been confirmed by the Patient Survey. Due to the sheer number of changes within the Practice during 2013-14, the group decided that this would be delayed until after April 2014. The practice manager will get quotes from companies for an enhanced system with call queuing and this will be a project for next year

At the PPG meetings this last year we discussed other aspects of how the surgery is run including how we manage patients who do not attend appointments with us or with the hospital. Sadly our full time practice nurse left and we discussed with the group our thoughts about how best to replace a nurse. We will continue to advertise and in the meantime our health care assistant is doing full time clinics which has proven both very successful and hugely popular.

The opening hours are as follows:

Mon: 8.30am - 5.30pm
Tues: 6.45am - 8.00am & 8.30am -12.30pm & 2.30pm - 5.30pm
Weds: 6.45am - 8.00am & 8.30am - 5.30pm
Thurs: 8.30am - 1.00pm
Fri: 8.30am - 5.30pm

When the practice is closed you can contact a GP 24hours per day by calling the Out of Hours GP or 111. They can give advice over the phone, see you at a local hospital or arrange a home visit.

The system continues to remain as follows:
Patients can ring from 10am on Friday morning to book appointments for the following week, so that they can plan ahead. Appointments are available in advance from 6.45am (commuter clinic) until 5pm in the evening. Several appointments are held back so that patients can ring on the day if they become unwell during the week.

We are now actively recruiting new members for our PPG and anyone who is interested can contact the surgery.

Your Neighbourhood Professionals. Just a Click Away! Counselling: why wait for a NHS appointment? Contact a private counsellor today The London Ophthalmology Centre CosmeDocs Amanda Lloyd-Harris
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Your Neighbourhood Professionals. Just a Click Away! Counselling: why wait for a NHS appointment? Contact a private counsellor today The London Ophthalmology Centre CosmeDocs Amanda Lloyd-Harris
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