Save Our Surgery



Dear patients

As you may be aware Sir Oswald Stoll is currently in the process of selling this site to Chelsea Football Club so they can expand.

The Fulham Medical Centre has been here for over 28 years leasing the premise from Sir Oswald Stoll and there are currently no plans for a surgery in any future development.

This will mean the surgery may have to close leaving 6500+ patients without a GP.

There is a residents consultation going on currently until 20th September and we would very much appreciate any feedback you could give the Sir Oswald Stoll board about the importance of keeping the surgery remaining before they make their decision about the sale. You can access the form using the QR code below and put The Fulham Medical Centre in as the tenants name and flat number.

Many thanks for your support and we hope to be able to continue proving the good care we currently do for the foreseeable future.

Dr Tim McNicholas and Dr Libby Pearson